YBN29 Ticket Donation

Due to the unfortunate cancellation of the You've Been Nabbed 29 National Rally we are in the process of issuing refunds on pre-bought tickets. A wonderful number of our patrons have decided to not claim a refund, or claim a partial refund, converting the monies paid into a donation to help the NABD cover the losses that the Event will cost the Association.

To that end, HMRC have simplified the process for claiming Gift Aid on these purchases which are now Donations & therefore now eligible for Gift Aid. A £30 ticket purchase is now worth another 25% to the NABD - £37.50.

We'd like to ask all of our YBN29 patrons to complete this form, even if you have already claimed a refund, don't intend to claim a refund or are yet to claim a refund, so we can easily submit the information to HMRC. 

Many thanks,

Simon - Webmaster 

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