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The You’ve Been Nabbed Rally 2021

The You’ve Been Nabbed Rally 2021 - Unfortunately this Event will not be going ahead.

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The You’ve Been Nabbed Rally 2021

The Covid-19 virus remains a very real threat to many members and supporters of the NABD and although that threat should steadily diminish as the programme of vaccinations progresses, it is felt extremely unlikely that 2021 will see it reduced to a level where it can reasonably be disregarded.

The Trustees of the NABD have a duty of care to all of the volunteer marshals and the rally-goers who attend this iconic annual motorcycle rally and so it is with great regret, and after much deliberation, that the Trustees have to announce the cancellation of the You’ve Been Nabbed Rally 2021.

All being well, The 29th You’ve Been Nabbed Rally will now take place on the weekend of May 6th – May 8th 2022.

The loss of our largest and most successful annual fundraising event for the second consecutive year will put an even greater strain on NABD funds.

In 2020 we ran three virtual online events to help mitigate the loss of our traditional fundraising events and, although those events could not be expected to raise as much as our traditional events, they did make a very significant contribution to the survival of the NABD in a year when the overall income of this charity had been decimated by the effects of the global pandemic. 

We will be running a Virtual You’ve Been Nabbed 2021 event on Facebook on Friday May 7th & Saturday May 8th 2021 featuring live music, stand-up comedy and bucket-loads of banter, to ensure the continued survival of the NABD as we head slowly toward what we hope will be an end to the pandemic.

Please support this virtual event if you value and support the continuing work and aims of the NABD.

Further bulletins about this virtual rally will be posted on the NABD website https://www.nabd.org.uk and on the official NABD Facebook page


Rick Hulse
NABD Chairman 
For & on behalf of The Trustees


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