Learner Loaners

The NABD learner scheme is a unique and extremely successful service provided for NABD members, which provides adapted motorcycles to help people with disabilities to take a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course and can also be used for further training/practice until a formal motorcycle test has been taken.  

NB.  Please note that all of our adapted learner/loaner bikes are 125cc. 

The first requirement is that you become a member of the NABD, the second is that and you hold a provisional motorcycle entitlement on your driving licence.

The loan will be subject to certain conditions, such as;

  • You are responsible for the cleaning and routine maintenance of the motorcycle.
  • You are responsible for the security of the motorcycle.
  • You must insure the motorcycle prior to delivery.
  • Any parking fines or traffic offences incurred during the period of the loan are solely your responsibility. 
  • You must pay for the repair of any damage done to the motorcycle while it is on loan to you.
  • When you have completed your loan of the motorcycle you provide a photograph of you on the bike and a few details for the NABD’s quarterly ‘Open House’ magazine.
  • The loan will be for a period up to 3 months; this may be extended to six months if there is sufficient reason.

At this time we have eight 125cc motorcycles based on the UK mainland and one based in Ireland. These machines can be adapted to suit a broad range of disabilities.

There is no charge for the fitting of the necessary adaptations to suit your needs and there is no charge for the loan of the adapted motorcycle but there is a single £150.00 charge to cover the delivery and collection of the motorcycle. This charge applies wherever you live on the UK mainland or in Ireland so nobody is penalised for living further away.
NB. For anywhere off the UK mainland or Ireland the additional cost of ferry travel must be met by the person to whom the motorcycle is being loaned.


To apply for the loan of one of these adapted motorcycles contact loaners@thenabd.org.uk or complete this online form.

You would need to be a member of the NABD to access this scheme and you will need to provide a photocopy of both sides of your driving licence with your application.

Once an adapted learner/loaner motorcycle is allocated for your use, you must obtain fully comprehensive insurance for it and provide a copy to the NABD.

NB. We have discount schemes in place for insuring these machines with these companies;

Bikesure Insurance: 0800 089 0340 – www.bikesure.co.uk

Principal Insurance: 0161 972 2597 – www.principalinsurance.co.uk

Be aware that there may be a waiting list for the use of these machines at times, so don’t leave it until the last minute before applying.

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