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North West Troopers

Many thanks to the North West Troopers for their Fundraising efforts on behalf of the NABD. Last seen at the Robbers Dogs Growler Rally 2020 (congrats to them for being allowed to hold the event!) 11th - 13th Sept 2020. The North West Troopers raised £100 at the event. They can be found on Facebook, here: https://www.facebook.com/North-West-Troopers-423063891621283/ where you can read about their characters for hire to make your event that bit more special!

North West Troopers Star Wars Characters

The NABD Herald Bike Prize Draw

The lovely Herald 250 bike that was given to us to raffle off has been won. The raffle was drawn at The NEC bike show and the winning ticket number 6819 was bought by Tara Turner from Cannock. We have dropped the bike back to Herald so they can fettle it up for the lucky new owner. Once prepared it will be delivered to the winner.

So, congratulations to Tara and many thanks to the Herald Motor Company www.heraldmotorcompany.com.

Many Thanks to all who entered & hopefully we’ll have some pictures of the lady receiving the keys within the next few weeks.

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