Fundraising for the NABD

WHY should you raise funds? Simple really, without funds the NABD would not exist and People with Disabilities would have a hard time or even be excluded from joining the Biking Community. The main question here is not why but what kind of event could you run? The answer to that is anything, a few things that I can suggest are:

  • Round the Coast Ride
  • End to End ride
  • Moto GB Challenge
  • Head/Beard Shaves
  • Fancy Dress Pub-crawls
  • Live Music/Disco Nights
  • No Booze/Fags for ? Months
  • Weight Loss
  • Microlight Flight
  • Abseiling
  • Parachuting
  • Rally
  • Legacies
  • India Motorcycle Challenge
  • Long Distance Walk
  • Bike Push
  • Sponsored Swim
  • Pub Competitions/Quizzes
  • Bike Show
  • Raffle
  • Auction
  • Poker Run
  • Guess the Ride Mileage

Some of the suggestions can be done on your own, others may need a few friends to assist either way the only limit is your imagination, almost anything can be used/done to raise funds, one thing I can guarantee is that you will enjoy the experience and meet some of the best people in society. It has even been known for supporters to become addicted to fundraising events, choosing a different event every year. Behind all the fun is the knowledge that you are helping some-ones dream come true and that is what it’s all about.

Not every-one has the time or ability to raise funds by doing an event but don’t despair you could send us a regular donation by standing order or Gift Aid. Both of these have the added advantage of us being able to claim back the income tax, thereby increasing the donation by the basic tax rate.

Another method but perhaps a delicate one is legacies, this is usually not thought of but it is certainly worth considering.

Whatever you decide to do for us your support is appreciated and needed, without it there wouldn't be this super family of Bikers called The NABD leading the World in Disabled Motorcycling.

Contact the Fundraising Officer for advice, information and sponsorship forms.


Together we can Ride Free Forever.

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