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Please note that our Secretary does not handle Admin-type requests, like address updates.

These are handled by our wonderful office staff so please submit such enquiries using the General Enquiries form

NOTE: The Office is Temporarily Closed so email responses to the General Enquiry form will be delayed!

General Enquiries NABD Office Send Email
Chairman Rick Hulse Send Email
Vice Chair Ian Taylor Send Email
Treasurer John Byrne Send Email
Archivist Grenville Russell Send Email
Secretary Tina Slesser Send Email
Rally Secretary Tina Slesser Send Email
Reps Liaison  Ross Locket / Vic Hawkes Send Email
Club Liaison Vic Hawkes Send Email
Webmaster Simon Freedman Send Email
Adaptations  NABD Office Send Email
Public Relations John Lysons Send Email
Membership Mark Mayo Send Email
Learner Loaners Gordon Hooper Send Email
Research Derek Durham Send Email
Fundraising Ross Lockett Send Email
National Stall Phil Morris Send Email
Arbitrator Pauline Chaplin Send Email
Projects Coordinator Stuart Gregory Send Email
Open House Editor Vic Hawkes Send Email
Open House Advertising NABD Office Send Email

Unit 20,
The Bridgewater Centre
Robson Avenue
M41 7TE

Tel: 0844 415 4849

General enquiries should be addressed to

Registered Charity number 1040907/SC039897

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