Become a NABD Rep

The NABD is always looking for people to promote it's activities and fundraise, throughout the UK. 

You can see the current list of active NABD Reps here but we're always looking for proactive people in areas that aren't covered.

The NABD Rep Role is a volunteer position, but the rewards are great when you help someone get back on two or three wheels with either the right advice or Fundraising activities that help us award the Grants that we're here to give.

If you can make that commitment, fill in the form and we'll be in touch!

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I agree to the following;
  • New reps may only become active after receiving full training and an official id badge has been issued.
  • To represent the NABD (unpaid volunteer) until my membership expires next year.
  • To renew my Membership in good time & be a Member in good standing to retain the role of Representative.
  • My photograph will be published on the NABD website (Rep's only).
  • To abide by the rules and regulations set out in the NABD Constitution.
  • To promote the aims and objectives of the NABD.
  • Not to cause the NABD to be brought into disrepute.
  • To pay all monies collected, into the national account or to the Treasurer, within 7 working days of receipt.
  • To fill out and return any paperwork required.
  • To generally comply with any requests of the Trustees.
  • That any stationery, merchandise, or equipment provided by the NABD remains the property of the NABD and shall be surrendered on request of the Trustees, or at the termination of my tenure.
  • I accept that in the event of failure to comply with all requirements, the Trustees may terminate my position in writing/email or that I may terminate my position in writing/email to the Trustees at any time.
By clicking on the Submit button you are agreeing to the above terms. This form is only an Application to become a Rep. That Application must be accepted & ratified by the Committee before you can claim to be a Representative of the NABD.

Please confirm that you are not a script.

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