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NABD 2020-2021 Update

NABD 2021 Update: State of the Association as of Feb 2021

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The National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD) 2020-2021

In April 2020, after having to cancel the NABD’s biggest annual fundraising event (The You’ve Been Nabbed Rally) for the first time in 29-years, the National Committee of the NABD could see that all of the other annual events that support the NABD were also very likely to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so we reluctantly made the decision to suspend 80% of the NABD’s regular activities and services and to furlough one of our two paid employees. 

In June 2020 we had to make the very difficult decision to temporarily suspend the NABD Adaptation Grants scheme, which makes financial grants to people with disabilities who need motorcycles, trikes or sidecar outfits adapting to suit the requirements of their disabilities.  

In October 2020, the further painful decision was taken to offer redundancy to one of our two paid employees. Fully understanding the position the NABD was in, she accepted the redundancy gracefully, taking with her our heartfelt thanks for her years of dedicated service.

In January 2021 the National Committee decided to use what little money that had accrued in the Adaptation Grant Fund, in a bid to process some of the backlog of applications. 

I am extremely pleased to announce that we managed to award Adaptation Grants to all of the people on the current waiting list! 

The few Adaptation Grants that we had managed to award early in the pandemic, together with those we were able to award in January 2021, came to a total of £13,337.55, which has enabled twenty-seven (27) more people with disabilities to have their bikes, trikes or sidecar-outfits adapted to suit their needs.

Though this is a far cry from the previous financial year’s total Adaptation Grants of £52,959.19, which helped seventy-four (74) people with disabilities to have their bikes, trikes or sidecar-outfits adapted to suit their needs; it still feels like quite an achievement to us, under such extraordinarily difficult circumstances.

The tangible lift to the frayed spirits of every member of the NABD National Committee that was engendered by clearing the waiting-list of grant applications was an absolute joy to see! 

I am also very pleased to announce that all of the difficult measures we have taken to safeguard the future of the NABD during this pandemic have proven their worth and, although we expect 2021 to be every bit as difficult as 2020, we are confident that this Association will come out of the end of the pandemic in a condition that will allow normal services to be resumed without too much delay.

NB. As all reliable indicators suggest that 2021 is likely to prove just as difficult as 2020, the NABD Adaptation Grant system remains officially suspended until such time as donations received allow us to once again deal with any grant applications we receive in the meantime.

Rick Hulse
NABD Chairman (For & on behalf of The Trustees)


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