The Frog & Bucket Comedy Roadshow (In Association with Smacked Arse Comedy)

The stand-up comedy show at the You’ve Been Nabbed rally first began in life in 1993 as an experiment to see if there was a place for comedy at motorcycle events.
The popularity of these shows grew with phenomenal speed and in 1997 the stand-up show at the You’ve Been Nabbed event adopted the name "The Frog & Bucket Comedy Club Roadshow" due to the support Rick Hulse was getting from Manchester’s famous Frog & Bucket Comedy Club in setting up the shows.

Over the years since, the popularity of these shows has continued to grow immensely.
Rick’s ‘Smacked Arse’ comedy shows now feature at many of the most iconic bike rallies in Britain and in many cases have regular audiences of between 1,000 - 4,000 bikers.



2012 is the 21st Anniversary of the founding of the National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD) it is only fitting that this special celebration be marked by a special line-up of comedy talent (including two entrants in the "2011 Smacked Arse Search for a Star" series) in the Frog & Bucket Comedy Club Roadshow at You’ve Been Nabbed 21 rally.
That very special line-up is...

MICK FERRY (Headline Act):

The Dangleberry

Mick Ferry is renowned as a fine purveyor of lugubrious surrealism and has quickly established himself as one of the most sought after comics on the British and International comedy circuit.
One of the finest comperes around, Mick Ferry performs regularly at The Comedy Store in London and Manchester as well as headlining at comedy venues nationwide.
His charming persona and amiable approach make it look easy. With a huge batch of well-scripted and intelligent humour, Mick is the perfect mix of blokey humour and intelligent insight.
A consummate professional blessed with the talent most people only dream of.
On our TV screens, Mick has recently starred in Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow on BBC 1 as well as Comedy Blue and The Comedy Store for Comedy Central. He made his big screen debut in 2009 in Ken Loach’s "Looking For Eric" - a hit feature film at the Cannes film festival where it was nominated for the prestigious Palm D’Or. A prolific writer, Mick was a writer on "John Bishop’s Britain" for BBC 1 and has also previously written for BBC3`s "Smalltime".
A veteran of Rick Hulse’s ‘Smacked Arse’ comedy shows and quite simply a stand-up comedy Guru.
Mick’s one-man show "The Missing Chippendale" at the Edinburgh Fringe 2010 was a spectacular success gaining 5 star reviews.

TV Shows:
Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow BBC 1
Comedy Blue Paramount Comedy
The Comedy Store Comedy Central
Tonight with Trevor Macdonald ITV
The World Stands Up Paramount

"Awesome stand up" - BBC
"As good as it gets.....highly original and hilarious" - Metro Big Issue
"One of the best comperes in the country" - Manchester Evening News
"A master at working an audience" - Yorkshire Evening Post
"Performs with style and conviction...highly enjoyable" - Chortle


Born in Coleraine, Northern Ireland into a circus family, Martin had an early career as a juggler, unicyclist, knife thrower, fire-eater, magician, and photographic model.
Following an accident in the big top, in which he sustained a shattered ankle, he was forced to retire from performing his famous, (and unique) freestanding ladder, tall unicycle, basketball juggling, pyrotechnic act.
Temporally robbed of his mobility, his senses reorganized themselves, producing a heightened comedic ability, lightning fast improvisational skills, and an improved sense of smell. He became a stand-up comedian!
The beast within the boy unleashed at last, he became the dynamic, multi-skilled performer Martin Bigpig Mor, combining startlingly original material with bold, energetic improvisation. His love of working the audience, and an inability to remember his script, mean that every show is a unique interactive live event, and no two shows are ever the same.
He has performed successfully at events of all description, from a show for the inmates of an Italian prison (performing in the exercise yard), to numerous appearances on radio, and television.
Martins photograph is featured on the popular board game Trivial Pursuits. (The Genus Edition. On an arts entertainments square. One of the pink ones. He is wearing a leotard).
A truly global performer, Martin has worked throughout the known world performing his shows extensively in Britain and Ireland, and also in the USA, Italy, Holland, Germany, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Mainland China.
Martin is no stranger to Smacked Arse Comedy shows but being such a popular performer it is rare that we can get him for more than one show per year. Last year he performed to more than 4,000 ecstatic bikers at the Farmyard Party in Yorkshire and left them baying for more. Luckily this year we got him for the You’ve Been Nabbed 21.

"Explosive visual comedian who should carry a Government health warning." - City Life
"This guy's great." - George Best (dead football player, but he was alive when he said it)
"Off beat, unusual, outrageous." - Time Out
"Martin Bigpig certainly is a nice genuine person, and he is hilarious." - The Irish World
"The comic least likely to be heckled." - The Irish Post
"His timing, delivery, and audience rapport are slick, sometimes sick and funny." - Edinburgh Evening News
"The gem was the improvisational skills of Bigpig who drew much, if not more laughter, from those moments when he was thinking on his feet, sneerlessly enjoying those present almost as much as we enjoyed him." - The Stage
"He wore us out with laughter ... Irrepressible exuberance." - The Scotsman


Chris Brooker’s infectious energy and enthusiasm sweeps through a room like an irresistible force. Chris’ combination of hilarious, original material and inspired improvisation means that you will never see the same routine twice. Immensely likeable, there’s no doubting his ability to win over any crowd and drag them along for the ride.
Chris has forged himself a fine reputation as a stand-up comedian, in particular as one of the country’s best up-and-coming comperes. Chris also hosts ComedySportz at the Manchester Comedy Store.
In 2010 Chris signed up to take part in the "Smacked Arse Search For A Star" series with a 10-minute spot during the Smacked Arse comedy show at the "Yorkshire Pudding" rally in a line-up that included top class performers Dominic Woodward, Jamie Sutherland and Andy Askins.
From the moment he went on stage you could have been forgiven for thinking that he played to audiences of 800+ bikers all the time. He had the audience with him within minutes of starting and he played them magnificently for the next ‘twenty’ minutes.
Rick Hulse stood watching from back stage with Jamie Sutherland and they were both mightily impressed with his performance.
Part way through Chris’s set, one of the rally organisers went to Rick Hulse and said "Is this guy really doing this for free?" When he said "yes", they gave him a hand full of cash and said; "Tell him that’s from the organisers, we think he’s brilliant!"
Chris went on to win the 2010 Smacked Arse Search for a Star and as penance for being an incredibly funny man he then got to open the show at the You’ve Been Nabbed 20 rally.
In addition to performing in the Frog & Bucket Comedy Club Roadshow at this event, Chris will be the resident compere in the Mulderrig’s Family Marquee for the weekend. It would have been unforgivable to have such a talented comedian on site for the weekend without having him perform in the Frog & Bucket Comedy Roadshow.

"Very funny, very quick" On the spot humour." - BBC
"A fitting finale, had the audience in stitches." - StudentOnline
"The best act of the night, his quick wit silencing hecklers and getting plenty of laughs." - Manchester Evening News
"The revelation of the night. Spot on." - Now Toronto
"A truly touching, inspiring and hilarious show that provided heart felt laughter and moved many in attendance to tears. Absolutely absorbing and thoroughly recommended." - The Oregonian on Chris Brooker’s show "Unstoppable"
"a brilliant young comic" - Barbara Rossa, BSH Magazine


A highly interactive and energetic act, El Purnell is unique on the comedy circuit. Delivering his act in his native Spanish he captivates the audience with confidence, bravado and high-levels of interaction and participation to create a very funny set.
Either as an opening or middle support act, El Purnell brings something very different to a comedy bill. The energy build-up is significant, with the audience on a major high with his musical close.
2010 saw El Purnell in Edinburgh as part of the PBH Free Fringe working with Ben Lawes in the successful show, Ben El Fun. Since then he has been stunning audiences throughout the UK with a surreal act that defies comparison.
More recently he performed as a warm-up act at the Hull Comedy Festival for Milton Jones which gained the positive feedback from Milton, "Very good, I like the Cash in the Attic line".
In 2011 El Purnell performed in front of almost 4.000 bikers in the Smacked Arse Comedy Show at the Farmyard Party in Yorkshire. The performance won him the Smacked Arse Comedy "Search for a Star 2011" and this win earns him the honour of performing in the Frog & Bucket Comedy Club Roadshow at You’ve Been Nabbed 21.
Believed by many to be Ecuador’s leading stand-up comedian, El Purnell is sure to be a massive hit.

"...he’s by far the best new act showcasing original material." - Giggle Beats
"El Purnell is the best and most original character act I have seen in years" - Urban Comedy
"Completely original act, absolutely brilliant." - Cheeky Monkey Comedy Club
"By the time I went back on stage at the end of El Purnell’s performance I was out of breath from laughing and so were the audience." - Rick Hulse, Smacked Arse Comedy
"El Purnell, brilliant" - The ACE Centre, Nelson
"El Purnell has been stealing the show wherever he performs" - The Other Side Comedy
"..delivered in his native Spanish - a clever feat..." -
"Very very funny." - Roger Monkhouse



Lewis Charlesworth burst onto the comedy scene three years ago and has been performing in places as wonderfully varied as pubs, bars, houses, football grounds, festivals and toilets. All of which are true... apart from the last one.
His unique brand of humour is begining to resonate with his audiences as he tells real life anecdotes in a very visual and full-throttle style.
Highlights of his career so far include supporting Russell Kane 'despite being too inexperienced' and performing in front of 1,500 at the prestigious Isle of Wight festival.
The next highlight was when Lewis’ first performancd in a Smacked Arse Comedy show at the 2011 Yorkshire Pudding rally for 1,000+ bikers, where he proved to be an incredibly funny man with a formidable talent.
So enamoured was he with bikers as an audience, that he requested the chance to perform an unpaid guest spot at You’ve Been Nabbed 21. So impressed with his performance at the Yorkshire Pudding was I that I of course said "Damned right you can!"

"An up and coming comic who is a regular winner of "Beat the Frog" at the Manchester's infamous Frog and Bucket Comedy Club. Despite being only a couple of years into his comedy career, he's already gigging extensively up and down the UK and is garnering quite a reputation as one to watch. " - Lee Martin, Gag Reflex


With her down to earth and outrageous observations she was soon entertaining comedy audiences in the pubs and clubs around the country.

A recent finalist at Real Radio’s annual stand up comedy award at The Frog and Bucket, where she was seen by Rick Hulse, she literally cannot wait to perform at You’ve Been Nabbed 21. 

“A great routine which was laugh out loud funny, definitely one to watch" – Jojo Sutherland

RICK HULSE (Host & Compere):

Rick Hulse's comedy style is brash, uncompromising and down-to-earth. Though the language can be somewhat raw, his insights into the world of, dieting, drugs, marriage, sex, and motorcycling never fail to entertain.
Having a twisted philosophical view on just about any subject, from ranting against life’s inequalities to musing on the design of human genitalia, and the thirty-year age gap between him and his girlfriend makes for an unpredictable show.
His long involvement in the biking scene, seventeen years as the Chairman of the NABD and fourteen years of writing comic fiction and manic articles under such names as Professor Pierre O’Bollox, M Phetamine and Shirley Crabtree, together with his off-hand Mancunian manner have made him a firm favourite in hosting bikers parties and rallies.
If you are looking for political correctness bring a microscope. Rick’s acerbic Mancunian wit bulldozes its way through life, the universe and everything (everything age, sex, motorcycle or alcohol related anyway).

"If you need a good comedian for your rally, just get Rick Hulse. He’s as funny as fuck!" - 100% Biker Magazine
"Rick Hulse once again had the crowd in hysterics" - BSH Magazine
"Despite the scary appearance, Rick Hulse proved to be an affable chap with a wry wit" - Manchester Evening News
"If you haven’t been to one of Rick Hulse’s - ‘Smacked Arse’ comedy shows yet, you really should; but be warned, the laughter can leave your face and ribs really aching."
- Barbara Rossa (BSH Magazine)

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Be there.......
For he today that shares his laughter with me
Shall be my Brother, be he ne’er so vile
This day shall gentle his condition
And gentlemen in England now abed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here
And hold their manhoods cheap while any speaks
That laughed with us upon this stand-up comedy show... - William Shakespeare - Henry V (mostly).



NABD reserve the right to make changes to published arrangements without prior notice.