Bands line-up

(In no particular order)

The Kix

three-piece all female rock band from South Wales. They formed in April 2008 when sisters Sam and Charlotte Bolderson discovered bassist Kate Marshall. With powerful influences such as AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and many more prestigious artists from the classic rock era, there was no question as to what genre the girls wanted to perform. The girls quickly made a name for themselves gigging locally, winning various band competitions, and were even selectively invited to perform with the Welsh National Opera in a one off exclusive show.
Audiences can't get enough of the compelling performances packed with punch. The energy they put into their gigs make it clear for all to see that they have a real passion for music, and a professional attitude beyond their tender years. The Kix are back at the You’ve Been Nabbed rally by overwhelming popular demand.

Adrian Byron Burns

Ask anybody what music is; and the word “entertainment” will quite rightly crop-up, but we sometimes forget that music is also an “art form”. Adrian Byron Burns is a choice reminder of that fact. I saw Adrian at couple of years ago at the Yorkshire Pudding rally immediately after my comedy show. I sat enthralled throughout his whole set and got as drunk as a very drunk thing while enjoying the best solo blues performance I have ever seen. For the past three years he has captivated and astounded the audience in our real ale marquee. This year I could do no less than ask him to return as the Saturday headliner on that stage. It is pointless trying to describe the performance of a man with such a unique style so I’ll merely state that if you want to see a performance that you will be telling all of your mates about for weeks. Make sure you see Adrian Byron Burns, just don’t block my view….

Tracey Browne

Back by popular demand following her terrific solo performances of the last few years. I think it fair to say that Tracey has established herself as an ‘NABD Regular’. Tracey’s ability to write stunningly good songs is perfectly complimented by her charismatic and soulful voice. In a decade that seems to specialise in making untalented off-key canaries famous despite their inability to carry a tune in a wheelbarrow, it is a pure joy to listen to the beautiful songs of Tracey Browne.

Stevie Simpson

Stevie is our resident host and compere on the Real Ale Marquee stage. Stevie is gutsy, edgy and raw, a hardcore, barstool troubadour with a voice as raw as cigarettes and single malt in a back-street bar late on a Saturday night. With covers from as broad a range as Steve Earl, Bob Dylan, AC/DC, Lynard Skynard etc and some of his own material from his days with country band ‘Cactus Jack’ Stevie has become a much loved part of the UK bike rally scene. In January 2010 Stevie became the latest in an illustrious line of official NABD Patrons.

Out on Bail

This rock-covers band based in the northwest of England stepped in at short notice to fill a spot at the 2011 Autumn Nabd’ness rally.  Suffice to say, they blew everybody away with their fiery and energetic set, which featured a very eclectic set of covers ranging from the best-known classics to the almost forgotten gems.  In 2012 they will be featured highly at the iconic Farmyard Party in Yorkshire, but of course the You’ve Been Nabbed 21 rally gets them first. Because we’re worth it!

Exhibit A

A Nottingham based four-piece rock covers band with an infectious party atmosphere enthusiasm, energetic front man, pounding drums, solid bass and kick ass guitars. Exhibit A have developed a reputation for storming pubs, clubs & rallies with a highly charged blend of rock through the ages, from the classics to the present day. These veterans of the YBN rally are back again by popular demand.

TBone Jones

Known to many of you as the front man from the terrific Country/Rock band T-Bone, Mr Jones is this year gracing us with a solo performance of country/rock songs heavily laced with humour. If you’ve found yourself taking life and its problems a little too seriously lately just let TBone Jones put it all back into its truly silly perspective for you. Watch out for his ballad about the NABD it’s a stunner!

Becca Williams

Becca is originally from North Wales (now Manchester based) has a long and established reputation on the North West Folk scene. She had toured the UK extensively as a solo performer before forming ‘Becca & Broken Biscuits’ in 2008. The band have played alongside many award winning folk artists including Jim Moray, Eliza Carthy and The Travelling Band. At You’ve been Nabbed 20, Becca performed with her band ‘The Broken Biscuits’. This year she is giving us her captivating solo performance. It is going to be something special, don’t miss it.


From Manchester, describe their genre as “Sabbath-Core Southern Blues Type Noise - It's like masturbating in a time machine.”. If that leaves you confused they go on to explain… “We're playing whiskey-drenched, bluesy-as-hell hard rock and we want everyone to know about it. We're paying tribute to the massive hard-rock bands of the past and spicing it up with our brand of contemporary blues laden style”.

Emma Ellis

Emma’s biog lists her music as Acoustic/Blues/Soul, I would add “Mesmerising” to that list. This will be her first performance at an NABD event. I recommend you catch it, it will be good for your psyche.

Glenn Scott: (Children’s Entertainer)

The best in the business and a biker too! Glenn has a natural rapport with kids that he uses to great effect whether he is enthralling them with clever illusions or getting them involved in a manic game. A mixture of magic and mayhem to keep the little buggers engrossed throughout Saturday afternoon.


With their roots fixed in the country music scene for many years T-Bone came onto the bike rally scene like a breath of fresh air 7 years ago. Together with some of their own terrific original songs they boast a repertoire of classic covers ranging from The Eagles to Steppenwolf, Credence Clearwater to Steve Earl. Of particular note are their incredible cover of The Weight (Robbie Robertson & The Band 1968) and their brilliant piss-take of ‘formula’ country music ‘My Dog’s Got No Legs’ written by lead singer Powk who has been a biker since the bronze age. At the Farmyard 2010 they were a six-piece outfit. Who knows how big they will be now?

Flat Oot

Are a four-piece Alternative Rock covers band with female vocalist with a hugely powerful voice, playing a variety of rock covers material and they like to play loud. Past gigs include many bike rallies and pubs as well as private functions. Following their astounding afternoon performance at You’ve Been Nabbed 20 we just had to have them back in a spot more fitting for such an a remarkable band.

Beth Lawren

Is a 17 year old-up and-coming singer who has performed in the North West professionally for the past 6 – 12 months.  She already has a regular spot at her local pub every Sunday afternoon where she sings with the Red Head Band.  Beth has performed at a lot of charity events and has recently been short listed as one of three singers to win a 'Performer of the Year' award, which is to be presented by the Mayor of Winsford.  She also performed in Sale recently at a fundraising event for the NABD.  On the strength of that performance this young lady with a big voice was offered a short open-spot at YBN21.  Beth’s website is 

5th Element

Are a five-piece classic rock covers band gigging in venues across the Northwest. Their set lists include tracks by Whitesnake, AC/DC, The Kinks, Ozzy Osbourne, The Rolling Stones, Buzzcocks, ZZ Top, and more. This will be their 3rd performance at an NABD event and as with their previous performances they are sure to gain even more fans from You’ve Been Nabbed 21.

Rogue Frequency

I first saw this three-piece “indie/alternative/rock” band from Stockport perform when I compered the stage at Roughley’s Bike Show in 2010. They played amongst an array of other good bands but there was something about them that said, “These guys should be on at You’ve Been Nabbed 20”. They did, they were great and here they are again for your edification and delectation.

Robert John

Singer/songwriter Robert John is in the process of honing a new album; a combination of the rock he was brought up with, the blues he’s seeped in and a voice with the gruff melody of both styles combined. Later switching to acoustic, Robert released two solo albums “Sorry to Bother You” and “Narrow Streets of a Shallow Town”. Touring these albums he met Rosie Smith (Cradle of Filth) in 2008 where they created the album “Broken Branches” (produced by Rosie).  Robert has performed at a number of festivals over recent years but it was his excellent short set at a recent NABD fundraiser that earned him a spot at YBN21.

Ska Finger

This five piece Ska Reggae band first came to our attention when they performed at the 2011 BSH Faro reunion party.  We have been looking for a high quality ska band for some time and after ten minutes of their set at the BSH party we decided they were the one we were looking for. This will be their first performance at a biker’s rally but it certainly won’t be the last!

Lisa Marie Glover

Is a singer/songwriter who has evolved from a globetrotting busker to an accomplished recording artist with influences as widely ranging as Fleetwood Mac, Cole Porter, Stevie Wonder and Tom Waits. This will be her first performance at an NABD event and she is sure to prove a magical addition to the already excellent reputation of the real ale stage.

Rock Of Ages

A magical mystery tour through the past forty years of Rock music and beyond. This group of musicians have a rich history of their own under other titles but they will be setting aside their own music to pay homage to the greatest Rock tunes of all time. Though they have a lot of fun on stage, sporting costumes from the bygone eras of rock music, the music itself is seriously excellent.

Paul Liddell

Paul is an experienced live performer from the North East of England with an unstoppable work ethic, clocking up on average 20 gigs a month both solo and with his band ‘Delphians’. Although this is his first performance at an NABD event he features at YBN21 as our Friday headline act in the real ale marquee.
Paul is a smooth and capable guitarist, and his low-key vocals tackle social injustice and media corruption with wry compassion.” – Guitarist Magazine.

Ali Finneran

From Swindon is a mere 20 years old but the maturity of his voice and his musical ability goes far beyond his years. There is an obvious influence of Bob Dylan in Ali’s music but his own songs are truly his own and the covers he includes tend to be pleasantly surprising to the audience. I think this young man is set to go far. This is his second performance at the You’ve Been Nabbed rally.

The Sugar Bullets

‘In your face’ punk rock performed with panache (so rare in the genre). Loud, proud, rude & crude, the perfect way to start an evening of unbridled partying. The Sugar Bullets will take you back through an extensive live catalogue of old-school Punk hits…from bands such as Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned, Sham 69, The Ruts and many more. This is their first time at the YBN rally.

La Magia de Cuatro

At the 2010 Autumn Nabd’ness rally an impromptu collaboration by four of the solo artists at the event proved to be one of the highlights of the event. At YBN20 the collaboration once again proved to be something rather special. It goes without saying that we had to repeat it at YBN21. Don’t miss it, you will be blown-away by this superb laid-back super-jam.


Veterans of many bike rallies including Into the Valley and the Yorkshire Rock and Bike Show. This Yorkshire based band are a frantic mixture of well honed talent and raw energy. Their blistering set of classic rock and punk covers should be the perfect headliner for the Adult marquee at YBN21. This will be their first performance at an NABD event.

The Bonnie Mac Blues Band

New to NABD events but veteran and very polished performers, this 5-piece blues outfit should prove just the tonic for whatever worries life has thrown at you.

Steph Angel

Is also new to NABD events, she is a brilliant pianist and composer who will be adding yet another dimension to the eclectic range of music in the real ale marquee. If you love real and powerful music, don’t miss her set.

Chris Brooker

Is the new regular Host & Compere for the Mulderrig’s Family marquee. Chris has forged himself a fine reputation as a stand-up comedian, in particular as one of the country’s best up-and-coming comperes. Chris will also be performing in the Frog & Bucket Comedy Roadshow on Saturday afternoon.

Rick Hulse

The NABD Chairman will once again be the Host & Compere for the Roadrunner (Adult) marquee. Regulars will know what an unpredictable show that can mean but we live in hope that one day he will behave himself, at least for ten minutes.

Stevie Simpson

Now in his fourth year as the resident Host and Compere for the Real Ale marquee.  Stevie already has a huge reputation as a consummate performer and now he is gaining a great reputation as a compere too.

The Russ Page Roadshow

(Roadrunner – Adult-Only Marquee):
Russ (the voice) is one of the best known and well-respected DJ’s on the bike rally circuit. Russ is a wheelchair user, which adds its own unique problems to DJ’ing at outdoor events, but being the consummate professional that he is, he has developed ways of dealing with these problems.

Grav’s Disco

(Mulderrig’s Family Marquee):
Grav has been DJ’ing in our family marquee since it came into existence and I’ve still no idea why it works so well.. Suffice to say Grav will be whipping up a storm once again this year, and once again he is very graciously doing it for no money.

The Déjà Vu Disco Roadshow

(Real Ale Marquee):

Over the past few years Creature has established himself firmly as a resident DJ at the You’ve Been Nabbed rally because he is a bloody good DJ with a superb kit and an entertainer’s heart.


NABD reserve the right to make changes to published arrangements without prior notice.