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Laid low by a Prescription


This is my story...short and sweet!

My name is Jane but known to many as Mrs Hippy, I'm now 35 years old and married to Hippy (Paul) and live in a beautiful run down manse in the middle of nowhere. From a very early age I was interested in bikes, my dad had one, his mates, my cousins etc etc. when I was growing up I was a right tearaway and all I wanted in life was to pass my motorcycle test... I'd ride anyone's bike, permission or not! I just loved them with a passion, I had a couple of 125's and rode friend's "bigger bikes" now and then but I still didn't get around to taking my test. When I reached the grand old age of 18 I started having severe panic attacks, so bad that I ended staying home most of the time. After seeing my G.P I started taking the medication he'd prescribed for might have heard of them - "Beta-blockers"? After being on these for twelve months I noticed that my fingers kept going funny colours and going "dead".. I thought nothing of it at the time, so after a re-visit to the GP's and a few tests I was diagnosed with having a condition called " Severe Raynauds Disease". That was 21 years ago now and I have it in both my hands and my feet so bad that I now have arthritis in my hands and if they get any worse and I don't take care of them this will mean amputation, I cant have an operation as my blood pressure is so low its a wonder I can stay up right, it has also obviously affected my heart; both the Raynauds and blood pressure are down to taking beta-blockers all those years ago... I can no longer hold onto the dream of ever passing my bike test because of holding the bike up at a stop or lights etc..etc.. But I am so so lucky to have a husband who has now built me my second trike "Scally" an XJ650 that goes like whatsit off a shovel! I love it to bits, and I now have the pleasure of the open roads and the freedom I wanted... The moral of this story... next time you're prescribed anything by your GP, ask about the long term side effects; I didn't, and now I'm disabled for life!

Take care, and always wear your gloves!!! :-)

Jane Cartwright


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