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Although there are those in this world who constantly try to tell us that we are all the same, the simple truth is we're not. Obviously it's this diversity that makes life worth living, but it's what also makes the NABD's mission all the more difficult as no two disabilities are quite the same.

Having said that, there are many similarities common to each disability, which is the reason for this section of the site. No matter what your disability is, there's someone else who has the same basic problems caused by their disability as yourself. And this is where you'll find their experiences of living with that disability.

You are not alone.

Andrew - Personal Hygiene.

George Moyer Jr. - Arthrogryposis.

Jason - Broken Femur/Ligament Damage.

Laura - Knee (split cartilage, torn tendons and ligaments).

Marc Jones - Brachial Plexus & Rare Heart Damage.

Mark Raymond - Head Injuries.

Michelle - Living with MS.

Ross Rebbeck - Brachial Plexus Injury.

Smiffy - My First N.A.B.D. Rally.

Loneliness is a wheelchair in a crowded street  STEWART FOWLER (an able-bodied journalist) experiences life in a wheelchair for one day in London.

Tev Thomas - Things We Do For The N.A.B.D.

Tony - More Broken Bones.

Wolf & Lynne - Broken Femurs, Tibias, Fibulas ...

Jane Cartwright - Laid low by a Prescription

Jack Christie - Light at the end of the tunnel

Tony Conquest - Ex Fireman does it twice

 Andrew Holmes - Don't let it beat you

Bill Rickard The world's only one armed banjo builder

Pete Blackmore  1st November 2003 & all that…

If you'd like to share your personal experiences with the world, and hopefully help someone in a similar situation to yourself, then please send your story to the Webmaster.

Pain Gate theory - Why do we feel pain?



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