The grant system is only available to residents of the United Kingdom & Eire.
Grants are only given to help with the cost of adaptions that will make a motorcycle, trike, combo & quads suitable for a disabled rider. The NABD never give grants to help with the cost of insurance, repairs, cosmetic engineering or adaptions to other types of vehicle.
Grants are made without favour to any region, groups or persons. Each grant application is dealt with individually and strictly on its own merits.
Initially you need to phone (0844 415 4849), write, or email to get a grant application form and information pack.
Your letter should be addressed to The Adaptions Administrator at the NABD office and should include your name, address, telephone number and a brief outline of your disability and your need for a grant. Please remember to date your letter so as not to lose your place in the queue.
On receipt of your letter, a grant application form will be sent to you.
When you get it please read it carefully and fill it out completely and as clearly as possible. Before you return your application you will need to know the type of vehicle you will need, the type of adaption you require and a DETAILED QUOTATION, NOT AN ESTIMATE, of the costs, especially of the adaption.
The quotation must be from the engineer you have selected to do the work and on his official paper. If you intend to do the work yourself, please state this on the form. The application must be received BEFORE ANY WORK STARTS. The NABD does not give retrospective grants.
When you return the form, provided IT INCLUDES ALL THE RELEVANT INFORMATION, it will be presented to the National Committee for approval. If the Committee needs further information before they can make a decision without reservations, your application will be deferred until we receive further details. Your grant may be approved subject to funding. This could be for several reasons.
An extreme example may be: Ten applications, all for the maximum grant, are all presented for approval at the same meeting. All of them approved. Some will get permission to proceed straight away and some may be delayed subject to funding. It all depends on how much is available in the funds for grants at that time.
Once your application has been approved you will be notified by letter. The letter will contain the Grant Ref Number and a copy will be forwarded to your nominated engineer. NEITHER YOU NOR YOUR ENGINEER SHOULD START WORK WITHOUT A REF NUMBER. Without the Ref Number NABD will not pay the grant. NABD grants cannot be given retrospectively for work done before the application has been processed.
In the event that you disagree with the committee decision on your grant you can appeal to the chairman. Any appeals must be written giving details of why you disagree.
You should also advise your engineer that a representative of the NABD might call in on them to check on how work on the adaption is progressing.
Once the work is completed, you must sign the satisfaction form and return it, along with photographs of the adaption part of the work (for publication in Open House & other publicity) and the invoice, quoting the Ref Number, to the NABD Office for payment. We also ask you to do a write up/report on your adaption for possible inclusion in Open House.
Just a little bit more on grants.
A NABD grant is a once-only issue. Our purpose is to get people on the road that, without the help of a grant, would not normally be able to do so. You cannot apply for a second grant unless the nature of your disability changes and you would not otherwise be able ride.
If you then decide to change your machine, you will know what adaption is needed and its approximate cost as you will already have been through the process once and can budget accordingly. We don’t believe it fair for some to have two bites of the cherry while others wait in the wings for their first bite. If anybody disagrees with NABD on this one, take it to the AGM!