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Many thanks to all those that attended the AGM this year.

Open House Magazine & 2019 NABD Year Bars


The NABD ‘Open House’ magazine has been noticeable by its absence throughout the latter half of 2018. The reason for this is simply that spare-time has become an increasingly rare and precious commodity for me over the past couple of years with growing pressure from my own business together with the additional demands of the Hedgehog Hospital set-up by myself and my lovely partner Mandy.

Vic Hawkes (NABD Club Liaison) has now volunteered to take-on the job of editing the Open House magazine, once he has ‘learned the ropes’ by assisting me in producing the next issue (sometime over the next two weeks). It is our hope that we can then return to the quarterly production of issues though, it is a distinct possibility that we may have to settle for printing and posting just the first issue of each year direct to members and making it available online, while the following three issues each year are made available purely online.

The reason for this change is simply that all attempts to finance the magazine by selling advertising space have failed miserably. The cost of printing and posting-out four issues per year direct to members is now well in excess of £17,000.00 per year with more than half of that cost being the price of postage. That is a huge burden on the NABD funds during these continued times of ‘austerity’ forced upon us by this unconscionable government!

I ask that all NABD members and supporters bear with us while we sort-out the technical issues related to making the Open House magazine available online in an easily useable form. In the meantime members can expect the next printed copy of Open House, together with the 2019 year-bar patch, to be delivered in the first half of March 2019.

Rick Hulse NABD Chairman

The band Apostles of Chaos have very kindly decided to donate all the proceeds from their single 'Drifter' to the NABD.
Inspired by the Vulcan Riders Association, the single is available from their website.

Don't just listen to it here, go & buy it on Bandcamp NOW

Driven to Despair

The Ombudsman Report into the DVLA Drivers Medical Group can be found here


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National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD) is a registered charity that has grown to become the world’s leading support group for motorcyclists who suffer disabilities due to accident, illness, genetic conditions or any other cause.

The NABD offer advice for people with disabilities on matters relating to vehicle modifications, control adaptations, licensing, training, insurance, specialist prosthetics, the registering of custom-built vehicles, exemptions from vehicle excise duty and VAT, vehicle legislation and legal representation.

We offer financial grants (England, Scotland, Wales, Eire, The Isle of Man and the Channel Isles only) to assist with the cost of adaptations and / or modifications to motorcycles, motor scooters, motorcycle / sidecar combinations, motor tricycles and / or quad-cycles to suit the needs of riders or passengers with disabilities.


Whatever the disability, The NABD are happy to help disabled people anywhere in the world with advice and information.


Our aim is to ensure that people with disabilities have access to the freedom and independence of motorcycling irrespective of whether they have a long history of motorcycling or are coming into the world of motorcycling for the first time.


The main aim of the NABD is to ensure that when it comes to motorcycling, a disability should not be a handicap. 

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